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How did we end up doing this?

I guess I'll start this off with what I get asked about the most "How?" and "Why?". Well, I am a computer programmer that works 100% remotely and Kathleen home-schools the kids, so there really isn't any reason for us to live in a particular area. In March of 2017 we had our third child, Zebby.  Because we are all at home during the week our house was starting to close in on us and was no longer working for our family.  It was time to sell our home that we had lived in for 14 years.  Around the same time we found out that my mom had been diagnosed with cancer.

Now we had to figure out what were we going to do.  Buy another house?  Rent an apartment? Where would we move?  Should we stay in Georgia or should we move to be near my mom in Louisiana.  We had discussed moving into a camper and touring the country many times before but it never was the right time. Well, we decided to go for it.

We put our house on the market and the unthinkable happened.

We thought it would take about 6-weeks to sell the house.  that should give us enough time to find a camper and a truck to pull it with.  We got two offers above asking within 24-hours.  Oh Shit.

We accepted the first offer on our house and got our timeline - 21 days... Now it was a scramble.  Finding a used dually that would meet our needs ended up taking two weeks.  Finding a 5th wheel with enough space for our family was a little tougher.  We ended up having to drive to Tennessee to get a used fifth wheel bunkhouse. We took delivery on the same day we closed on our house.

We knew NOTHING about how to tow a fifth wheel...  We didn't know how to set up the camper.  We didn't even know how to operate the landing gear.  And because the camper was delivered from out of state.  We didn't get any kind of instructions.  To say we were overwhelmed would be an understatement. 

Slowly we figured out the systems of our camper.  We decided to stay in Georgia for a month near where we had lived for 20 years so we would be comfortable with the area while we learned about our new lifestyle.  We asked our neighbors questions, we looked things up on the internet, we asked local rv dealers, and eventually we started to figure things out.

If you are thinking about traveling.  Don't worry that you are unprepared.  You can do it.  Just take the jump.  The uncertainty and newness is what makes it exciting.  Go live life.

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When Living in a Camper Gets Hard, GTFO: New Orleans Edition

Life in a Camper can be pretty stressful sometimes.  Scheduling conflicts, constant breakages, tight quarters...  You get the idea.  So when my sister offered to watch our baby and my Mom made the same offer for watching our other two, you better believe Kate and I jumped at the chance to have a break.

We decided to ditch the camper for a bit and take a weekend vacation in New Orleans.  We booked a hotel last minute, dropped the kids off and hit the road.  No kids, no camper, ready for a good time.

We arrived in town Saturday around noon.  Our hotel wasn't ready yet so we checked our bags and dropped the truck of with the valet (they don't park giant road beasts often so it was kinda funny to see their reaction),  With the essential stuff stowed we set out on foot to explore the french quarter.

Kate and I like to wander.  Rarely do we actually plan out a trip.  So it was pure luck that the first place we stumbled upon was the famous Pat O'Brian's (http://www.patobrien…

There Are Certain Questions You Don't Ask at a Bathhouse in Hot Springs Arkansas

When we first arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we didn't really know what to expect.  We had a vague idea that there were some natural hot springs in town (duh right) but we didn't know what exactly was here.

Our first couple days consisted of finding our way around town,  filling the pantries, and spending evenings after work and school at the pool.  One evening at the campground pool we met a nice couple that kept telling us we just had to go to the "whoah pah" or the "kwo po" or the "kung pow."  We just couldn't make out what the heck the name of the place was.  But as they continued to describe it, I really wanted to go. After a bit of discussion we learned that the Quapaw is a spa.  It is also one of the few fully operational bathhouses on historic bathhouse row.

So on our first full weekend in town we set out for bathhouse row to see these spas for ourselves.  The weather was beautiful as we walked along the sidewalk and took it all in…

We spent a weekend in Mississippi. Meh.

Have you ever done something you didn't really want to do?  Us too!  We visited Mississippi.

We don't really have anything against the state.  It's just that every time we have had a chance to stop there we have always opted to just drive through.  The problem is we just can't figure out anything there that any of us are excited to visit.  like... anything.

A couple weeks ago Kate and I had a three day weekend and we decided to bite the bullet and get Mississippi checked off our list.  At first we figured we would pack up the kids and spend the weekend at the beach in Biloxi.  A couple days before the trip, we found out there was a tropical storm heading that way. So now we had less than a week to figure out where to go.

We opened the old google box and searched for "Things to do in Mississippi" I know, really creative right.  And after clicking around a bit we settled on Jackson, Mississippi, but our hearts weren't really in it.

The morning of the trip …