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We spent a weekend in Mississippi. Meh.

Have you ever done something you didn't really want to do?  Us too!  We visited Mississippi.

We don't really have anything against the state.  It's just that every time we have had a chance to stop there we have always opted to just drive through.  The problem is we just can't figure out anything there that any of us are excited to visit.  like... anything.

A couple weeks ago Kate and I had a three day weekend and we decided to bite the bullet and get Mississippi checked off our list.  At first we figured we would pack up the kids and spend the weekend at the beach in Biloxi.  A couple days before the trip, we found out there was a tropical storm heading that way. So now we had less than a week to figure out where to go.

We opened the old google box and searched for "Things to do in Mississippi" I know, really creative right.  And after clicking around a bit we settled on Jackson, Mississippi, but our hearts weren't really in it.

The morning of the trip we packed up all the kids in the truck and headed out from Louisiana up I-55  To Jackson.  It was a pleasant enough drive with plenty to look at, if you like only seeing trees for hours on end.  Trees and trees and more trees....  here a tree, there a tree....  I spy something green...  Is it a tree? Yes Adam, yes it is.
We opted to forgo the camper again for a weekend so we headed to our hotel.  When we were checking in Kate and I did the usual, asking the hotel staff if there was anything fun or unique to visit in town.  And like always we got the same response. "You guys should check out the children's science museum."  Look.  We don't have a problem with science.  We love science.  It just isn't unique to Jackson, MS.  Every freaking city in the U.S. has a children's science museum.  And they are all roughly the same.  We want the strange.  We want the unique.  We want the stuff that makes this place different from the rest. But the nice woman didn't have any other suggestions, so we just smiled and nodded and left the front desk.

We decided to hang out in our room and relax a bit.  You have no idea how nice it is to hang out in a hotel suite with a separate bedroom after living in a camper.  You forget how much you miss the space and unlimited hot water.  Once all the beds were jumped in, and the bags unpacked it was time to get some diner.

If unique was what we were after, we hit a home run with our diner plans.  We stumbled upon a place close to the hotel called Fine and Dandy (  The place served mostly just burgers.  But they were excellent burgers.  The atmosphere was upscale and trendy.  Not at all what we expected to find. 
I was worried about taking the kids there, but we were all dressed nicely the kids promised to behave.  I'm glad we went.  Especially when the deserts came.  The kids got a piece of birthday cake with crazy pyrotechnics on top that was really neat to look at and I got a frozen adult beverage called the "Captain Crunk".  I couldn't pass it up with a name like that.  And I needed all the booze I could get if we were going to make Mississippi interesting.

With full tummies and tired from the drive we all walked back to the hotel and settled into bed.  And by settled into bed, I mean I ran out of the room with crazy bad stomach cramp looking for a bathroom outside of our room so I wouldn't upset my wife's sensibilities.  As I'm in the elevator heading to the lobby almost doubled over...  that is when people decide to use the elevator too.  I'm waiting for a guy to gingerly board the elevator and looking around like a crazed squirrel for the best poo corner. Lets just say I made it.  But just barely.

Crisis averted I made it back to the room for a romantic night of binge watching Netflix with my sexy wife on that snazzy free hotel internet.  Nothing like dashing off on a code brown to set the mood with the Mrs.

Morning came and we looked at our options for the day.  There weren't many.  So we decided to have a late start and watch more TV.  Don't judge.  After a year on the road with bad to no internet there is something to be said for binge watching our favorite shows.

At the last possible moment we checked out and headed for the only petrified forest on the east coast ( I had never seen a petrified forest so I had no idea what to expect.  Well I'm going to spoil the surprise for you.  It looks a lot like a regular forest...  but with rocks that vaguely look like old logs.
Don't get me wrong I love a good hike.  and it was nice getting out into nature again with the family.  I was just disappointed that there wasn't more to this park.  The kids were bored and to be honest the novelty wore off after log three.  So we made our way back to the truck and grabbed a dinner before heading back to Louisiana.

In the end I am glad we went if only so we could mark the state off our list of places to visit.  If you are from Mississippi and have suggestions for places to visit please leave a comment.  I'd hate to give your state a bad rep.  But from what we saw, Meh.


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