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When Living in a Camper Gets Hard, GTFO: New Orleans Edition

Life in a Camper can be pretty stressful sometimes.  Scheduling conflicts, constant breakages, tight quarters...  You get the idea.  So when my sister offered to watch our baby and my Mom made the same offer for watching our other two, you better believe Kate and I jumped at the chance to have a break.

We decided to ditch the camper for a bit and take a weekend vacation in New Orleans.  We booked a hotel last minute, dropped the kids off and hit the road.  No kids, no camper, ready for a good time.

We arrived in town Saturday around noon.  Our hotel wasn't ready yet so we checked our bags and dropped the truck of with the valet (they don't park giant road beasts often so it was kinda funny to see their reaction),  With the essential stuff stowed we set out on foot to explore the french quarter.

Kate and I like to wander.  Rarely do we actually plan out a trip.  So it was pure luck that the first place we stumbled upon was the famous Pat O'Brian's (http://www.patobrien…

Dealing With Pests on the Road

I got the idea to write this yesterday.  I was looking in my basement to check the battery disconnect (long story) when I noticed that ants had decided to build a freaking nest inside my box of rubber gloves.  After clearing out all the ants, then cleaning all the ants off of me.  I set out to stop their entrance into the basement with liberal use of duct tape.  This got me thinking, "Hey! This could be a useful blog post.  Also, fire ants suck!" And so that is how I decided to share some of the things I've learned along the road about dealing with pests.

Bugs, mice, ants.  living in a camper does not make you immune to these common pests.  If anything you are more likely to see these little critters. Campsites tend to be in rural areas and that is where the critters are.  Here are some of the tips we have learned on the road to reduce the number of creepy crawlies that make it into your house with wheels.
Wrap your hoses and cables leading into your camper with a strip …

How "NOT" To Flush Your Tanks: The Poo Shower Edition

When we first got the camper,  we didn't know anything.  We especially didn't know how our tanks worked.  A couple of days after taking delivery of the camper, we decided to clean the tanks out really well since it was a used camper and we didn't want to smell the egg smelling water anymore and we didn't want to have other peoples poop in the black tanks smelling up our camper.

I watched a few videos and when I decided I was educated enough I set to work.

I started out with the fresh water systems.  I needed to drain the old antifreeze and old stagnant water. I turned on the water pump and opened up all the water faucets.  I didn't realize there was a low point drain that would have made that easier.  once all the old water was out,  I poured some bleach in the fresh tanks to clean them. After they were drained I decided to flush the lines with fresh water.  So I once again opened the faucets up and turned on the shore water.  Within a few minutes the smell was go…