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Louisiana in July is Hotter Than the Surface of the Sun... When your A.C. Is Broken

Kate and the kids and I have been spending the summer at Cajun Palms RV Resort ( in Henderson, LA.  Living in an RV has a bunch of great benefits.  The main one being you can live anywhere you want.  Under normal circumstances we wouldn't spend the summer in the south, but health issues with my mom have led us to South Louisiana in the worst heat of the year.

At first things were going fantastic.  We have an amazing pool to swim in.  A fun party atmosphere on the weekends.  All my family is close by, so we can visit and have babysitters for date nights.  Everything was great in fact until it started getting hot.

We noticed it getting warmer and warmer in the camper during the day.  We tried everything we could think of.  We insulated the inside of cabinets, windows, underside of hatches and out of the way walls with silver bubble wrap insulation.  It worked well at first.

Then it got warmer again.  this time we decided to install a portable A.C.  in our …

After a year of living in an RV with 3 kids, let's reflect on our first trip

It has now been one year.  Let that sink in.  An entire year of living in a camper.  A whole year with three kids... in a camper.  A year of memories. A year of adventures.  A year of mishaps.  I figured it would be fitting to start the blog off with my notes about our first trip.  

8/6/2017 – Heading To AlabamaFor our first trip we decided to go to Troy, Alabama to see Kate’s Grandmother.  We figured it would be a nice short trip to try things out as we set off on our adventure.  We found a nice campground called Deer Run RV Park. ( It was about a 4 hour drive.  Should be easy.
Moving day came along and I thought I was prepared.  I had diesel in the truck, a tear-down list created.  I had practiced towing the 5th wheel.  I had learned how to hook up the trailer. I had figured out everything… 
I try to pull in the slides and they don’t work.  None of them.  I research a little and it looks like we have a dead battery in the RV.  I decided to muscle through an…